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Tribeca Investment Partners expands listed infrastructure fund, anchored by Asian sovereign wealth fund


Tribeca Investment Partners yesterday announced the expansion of the Tribeca Asian Infrastructure Fund (TAIF) with a commitment from an Asian sovereign wealth fund.

TAIF invests in energy transition, transport, digital and healthcare infrastructure across Asia Pacific, with an equal allocation to developed and emerging markets. It invests exclusively in liquid, publicly-traded securities, providing Asia-focused investors with an alternative to the crowded markets for private assets.

“We see significant value in listed equities that offer exposure to the growth of Asia’s middle class, the energy transition and long-term demographic trends in Asia Pacific,” said Susanta Mazumdar, TAIF’s Portfolio Manager. “Through attractive yields and long-term capital appreciation, listed infrastructure investments can complement a direct investment strategy for major asset owners.”

The expansion of TAIF is a significant step for Tribeca Investment Partners in Asia and follows the launch of the Tribeca Asian Credit fund by John Stover in Singapore in 2019.

Tribeca’s Chief Executive Officer, Adam Lavis commented: “This mandate from one of the world’s leading sovereign wealth funds is testament to Tribeca’s ability to identify and execute on specialized investment opportunities. As we continue to grow our footprint in Asia, I am proud that our capabilities are being increasingly recognized by major asset owners across the region.”

The Tribeca Asia Infrastructure Fund is open to investment from September 1 and is open-ended.

Read the full press release here.

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