Tribeca Investment Partners manages a suite of specialised strategies investing across equities, credit, global natural resources and carbon.

Building Value Beyond the Mainstream

Over the last two decades, Tribeca Investment Partners has developed deep partnerships with sophisticated investors offering unique and bespoke access to investment strategies and opportunities not available to all market participants. Tribeca’s active style and shared intelligence allow for targeted opportunism and a nimble approach to identifying value in areas of the market which are less understood and researched.


Tribeca’s equity focused strategies leverage the fundamental, bottom-up insights of its portfolio management and analyst teams. Rigorous financial analysis and modelling, qualitative views on management, assets, and business models are incorporated into a disciplined research and security selection process that has underpinned the firms strong multi-decade record of investment outperformance.


Tribeca’s fundamental credit expertise, deep knowledge of issuers across the Asia Pacific region and origination capability allows investors the opportunity to capture returns across both private and public credit markets not available to all market participants. Tribeca’s team of credit investment professionals have decades of experience, having invested through business credit cycles and established processes to identity and mitigate risks.

Global Natural Resources

Tribeca’s global natural resources investment team is one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region, with decades of deep investment and technical expertise. The team manage several specialised, actively managed strategies investing across metals & mining, energy, soft commodities and carbon markets, leveraging Tribeca’s unique position as a preferred capital partner to companies in the resources sector.


VT Carbon Partners is a joint venture between Tribeca Investment Partners and leading carbon advisory firm Viridios Capital. The partnership offers specialized investment funds that invests in both primary and secondary carbon markets, allowing sophisticated investors access to a diversified, global portfolio of the highest quality certified credits.

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