About Tribeca

A History of Innovation

Tribeca is an Asia Pacific based asset management and advisory firm with over two decades of experience in partnering with sophisticated clients to provide innovative solutions beyond the mainstream. Combining deep multi-asset class expertise across investment management, private wealth management and corporate advisory with key staff located across the Asia Pacific, Tribeca is able to identify and capture unique investment opportunities. Unhindered by a large bureaucracy, and owned by senior partners, Tribeca takes pride in its strong alignment with clients, speed to market and proven track record.

The Tribeca Story

Tribeca is one of Manhattan’s key creative precincts referring to the area known as the “Triangle Below Canal Street”. The refurbishment of the former industrial and wharf area transformed the district into a place where the high and the low, the technological and the artisanal, investment and creation meet. This energy captured the imagination of David Aylward, the Founder of Tribeca, on a visit to New York City in the 1990s. In particular, the area’s proximity to, yet clear separation from, Wall Street seemed an appropriate metaphor for Tribeca’s desire to be distinct from the mainstream.