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Tribeca’s Presentations at Future Facing Commodities 2024


In Tribeca Future Facing Commodities 2024, Scott Clements, Partner at Tribeca Capital, shares the three big investment themes in 2024: (1) Energy Transition / Decarbonisation; (2) Onshoring Supply Chains; and (3) Artificial Intelligence & Big Tech.

Tribeca is the proud founding sponsor of the second annual Tribeca Future Facing Commodities Conference, held on 26-28 March 2024 in Singapore.

Tribeca Future Facing Commodities is a focused event that appeals to ESG-focused investors in Singapore and around the world, combining upstream & downstream players with investors (retail, institutional, family office, HNW, etc), government officials and technology / industry experts. The World Bank predicts there will be a 500% increase in demand for critical minerals by 2050, underpinning the need for industry leaders to address the challenges and opportunities associated with this transition to decarbonisation. The conference aims to bring together world leaders from global supply chains including downstream end users such as electric vehicle manufacturers, renewable infrastructure suppliers, technology providers, etc, all the way to the early stage upstream companies that will provide the green feedstock needed by industry for years to come. And also including the finance & capital markets industry needed to finance this generational opportunity, as well as the government bodies enacting key legislation to facilitate the growth of industry in their respective jurisdictions.

Enjoy Tribeca’s keynote presentation, themed panel discussions with industry experts from all corners of the world sharing their thoughts on decarbonisation, and Q&A videos with Tribeca speakers. Watch the videos here.