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Tribeca Asia Infrastructure Fund: Data Centre Commentary


In a commentary written by Susanta Mazumdar, Portfolio Manager of Tribeca Asia Infrastructure Strategy, he discusses the outlook of the data centre (DC) industry, which is going through a cyclical breather that does not detract from its long-term growth trajectory. He also highlights some pertinent questions related to ESG, medium-term risk factors for the industry and how we assess the strength of business franchises for DC investments.

The APAC ex Japan DC industry is set to benefit from long term demand growth. With the rapid digitisation of economies and the surge in data-driven technologies, the demand for well-located, efficient DCs will continue. The Tribeca Asian Infrastructure Fund has strategically allocated 15% of the portfolio into DC operators with a long-term investment horizon.

Read the full article here.

Susanta Mazumdar is the Portfolio Manager for the Tribeca Asia Infrastructure Strategy, which aims to earn superior, risk adjusted total returns through a mix of long-term capital appreciation and cash yield by investing in infrastructure companies across the Asia-Pacific universe using an index-unconstrained concentrated portfolio approach.

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