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Rajiv Thillainathan

Rajiv is a Senior Quantitative Analyst responsible for the management and enhancement of Tribeca’s in-house quantitative investment capabilities and risk management systems. Rajiv brings significant quantitative expertise to the team with over 20 years’ experience in quantitative equity trading, strategy development and implementation. He started his career in Fixed Income and currency research at Mizuho before moving to Credit Suisse’s prop trading desk in London implementing statistical arbitrage strategies. Rajiv also spent 10 years at Regal Funds Management in Sydney developing quantitative trading strategies for Asia Pacific Equity markets. Before joining Tribeca, Rajiv worked as a consultant data scientist at DXC Technologies where he was engaged in Federal Government projects involving big data, machine learning and cloud technologies. Rajiv holds a Master’s Degree in Development Economics from the University of Sussex, England where he specialised in Financial Econometrics. He has published articles in currency and volatility forecasting in periodicals from Risk Publications. As a consultant he has also written white papers on driving smarter investment strategies with data and AI and on future proofing machine learning operations during major market shifts.