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Tribeca Global Natural Resources Limited (ASX:TGF) Insights – India: An Emerging Driver of Global Metal and Energy Markets


India is the fastest growing G20 economy in the world. Its booming domestic consumption, rising industrial production and reversal of infrastructure underinvestment underpin a multifaceted growth story over the next decade. Our analysis suggests that the nation will contribute one fifth to global gross domestic product (GDP) growth and become the world’s third largest economy by 2030.

The various parallels that can be drawn between the subcontinent and China in the early 2000s indicate that there will be a rapid rise in India’s per capita consumption of metals and energy. Given its world-leading population and low global share of commodities now key to its growth, we see that the nation has the potential to drive global markets for the foreseeable future.

Portfolio Manager, Ben Cleary, discusses below the fundamentals of the Indian economy, its adoption of the East Asian Growth Model and the commodities likely to benefit from the concomitant demand uplift. The Tribeca Global Natural Resource Strategy is materially exposed to metal and energy producers that will provide diversified torque to this thematic.


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