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How Does Mining Get on the Radar of ESG Investors? – Eden Partners, QMines, Tribeca IP

The mining industry is set to play a critical role in our global sustainable future, however the contribution of mining to decarbonization is still generally misunderstood by the greater public. Forecasts note that a significant amount of metals such as copper, nickel, lithium, among others, needs to grow to enable this zero-carbon future, and for the mining industry to meet this growth in demand, investment needs to grow as well.

The panel begins with a look at the ESG strategies currently being adopted by the mining industry. We then move on to a discussion on investments and how investors analyze ESG benchmarks in their decision-making. The panellists discuss how they analyze the information provided to them by mining companies. They also discuss ESG priorities – for both investors and management.

A question comes in from the audience asking if ESG means that investors are willing to accept lower returns and the discussion moves on to whether ESG actually does mean lower returns. We also get a question regarding Scope 3 emissions and how to assess emissions.

The panel moves on to a discussion on the energy transition and the minerals needed for this and how to communicate that to the broader public.

We also look at specific commodities and geographies and how these integrate into an ESG-focused portfolio.

The panel also touches on government initiatives, reporting, policies, and ends with a look at the way forward with ESG in this space.

Nicholas Boyd-Mathews, Chairman, Executive Director, & CIO, Eden Partners
Andrew Sparke, Executive Chairman, QMines Limited
Todd Warren, Partner & Head of Research, Tribeca Investment Partners

00:00 – Intro
01:46 – ESG strategies currently being adopted by miners; ESG investments
14:20 – ESG ratings and analysis; analyzing benchmarks
18:56 – What’s the priority for investors and management?
24:09 – Does ESG mean lower returns for investors?
29:07 – Scope 3 emissions
31:59 – Minerals needed for decarbonization; Communication issues
36:10 – Focus on commodities and geographies
40:08 – Australian ESG reporting; local policies
42:40 – The way forward with ESG
48:15 – Communication and PR

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