Asian High Yield Bonds Best Placed to outperform in a rising rate environment

Video update from John Stover, Portfolio Manager of the Tribeca Vanda Asia Credit Strategy in which he discusses the following topics:

– How he has managed to navigate the volatility in bond markets over the last several months including significantly outperforming in April during the worst month on record for global bond markets.
– His current market outlook and sectors he is finding most attractive: Indian Renewables; Natural Resources; Indonesian Property; and Asian Technology.
– His views on company fundamentals across the Asian region.
– The attractiveness of Asian credit markets in a rising rate environment.



Tribeca’s Vanda Asia Credit – Australian Unit Trust is up 1.8% since its launch two months ago during what has been the worst period for global bonds ever.

“The strong relative and absolute performance showcases our ability to perform well even in periods of rising rates, which has been a core part of our strategy and value-add to investors.”

“Inception-to-date the strategy is +26.2% (Cayman Fund launched in July 2019) compared to -7.0% for the Bloomberg Global Bond Index, -15.7% for the Bloomberg Asia High Yield Index and -1.9% for the JACI Core Index.”

“We are continuing to find extremely attractive opportunities with credits we deem as safe yielding 8-15% across natural resources, Indonesian property and Indian renewables. Yields remain close to record highs on the Index, at 13.0%, and the Fund’s current yield to maturity is 14.0%.”

– Portfolio Manager, John Stover

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