2050 Strategy


The Tribeca 2050 Strategy is a unique investment vehicle established to profit from asymmetric returns on offer from the multi-year drive towards meeting aggressive decarbonisation targets. The strategy leverages Tribeca’s track record, industry insights and access to deal flow, emerging marketplaces and business models with a focus is on carbon credits, green chemicals, finance, food and industrial innovations; all nascent sectors with significant structural tailwinds.

Portfolio Managers

Todd Warren

Partner and Portfolio Manager


Fund Facts

Strategy Long Short
Sector Decarbonisation beneficiaries, carbon credits
Fund Structure Australian Wholesale Unit Trust
Minimum Investment $500,000
Subscriptions Quarterly
Redemptions Quarterly

Key Features

Focus on carbon markets and unique businesses operating in green chemicals, finance, food and industrial innovations sectors.

Access to carbon credit markets as well as listed and non-listed investments through Tribeca’s proprietary origination capability.

Exposure to commodities and businesses exposed to the decarbonization thematic expected to benefit from structural and regulatory tailwinds.

Ability to take a long-term investment approach, targeting asymmetric returns as an early stage provider of growth capital.

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