Tribeca Global Natural Resources Limited

The Manager

The Investment Strategy is implemented by the Manager, Tribeca Global Resources Pty Ltd, an authorised representative of Tribeca Investment Partners Pty Ltd which holds Australian Financial Services Licence 239 070. The Manager and Tribeca Investment Partners are part of the Tribeca Group, a Asia Pacific based investment and advisory firm founded in 1999. Tribeca currently manages capital across equities, credit, global natural resources and carbon strategies for a range of clients including large superannuation funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, private banks, financial planning groups, asset consultants, family offices, high net worth individuals and retail investors.

Investment Overview

The Manager's Investment Strategy is an active long short investment strategy that seeks to profit from from the inherent volatility in the Natural Resources Sector. The Investment Strategy employs a high conviction approach, leveraging the Investment Team's bottom-up research and specialist knowledge of the entities and commodities within the Company's investible universe.

The Investment Strategy uses a blend of top down macro-economic analysis (to forecast commodity prices) combined with bottom up fundamental analysis. Top down analysis is a critical component of the Manager's investment foundation. This sets in place commodity rankings which the Manager uses to construct Investment Themes, which in turn allows the Manager to conduct focused bottom up analysis on specific investments.

The Company's Investment Guidelines allow for investments in natural resources securities, credit positions (including listed, unlisted, fixed income and debt securities, direct or indirect exposure to shorter term loans and investments in unlisted trusts managed by the Manager), commodities and cash.

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The Company has been awarded a Recommended rating by IIR