Tribeca Asia
Credit Strategy


The Tribeca Asia Credit strategy uses a long short
approach to extract high-quality returns from the Asia
Pacific corporate bond market. The Asian corporate bond
market (including Australia) is one of the world’s fastest
growing asset markets yet remains highly inefficient and
structurally mispriced - representing a rich source of alpha.
With a focus on the higher yielding part of the market to
identify event driven and capital market opportunities
across the region where they have a significant analytical
edge. The strategy is also able to capture return by
shorting single name bonds and using sovereign and
corporate credit instruments to tactically manage portfolio
volatility and risk characteristics.

Fund Facts

Strategy Long/Short
Sector Asian Credit
Fund Structure Australian Wholesale Unit Trust, Cayman Master Feeder Fund
Minimum Investment $500,000
Subscriptions Monthly
Redemptions Monthly

Portfolio Managers

John Stover

Portfolio Manager


Key Features

Unique blend of top
down and bottom up approaches to investing in Asian credit markets

Deep understanding of
risk cycles within
business cycles,
investor positioning
and cross asset

Flexible, absolute
return mandate allows
for the ability to focus
on best opportunities
across the credit

Takes advantage of
higher structural Asian
yield vs developed

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