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Recapitalisation Strategy

A quick-to-market fund to exploit a round of corporate balance sheet repair in response to the COVID-19 crisis. With over 20 years as an active equity market participant with strong and fundamental investment processes, Tribeca is uniquely positioned to capture the returns on offer from this opportunity set through selective participation in discounted placements, rights issues, underwriting and other equity capital market opportunities.


To capture opportunities at valuable discounts arising in terms of the volume of equity capital market transaction as companies seek to raise equity in response to the Covid-19 driven economic environment over the next 9-12 months

Fund Facts

StructureAustralian Unit Trust
Asset classEquities
Minimum investmentA$500,000
Investment ManagerTribeca Investment Partners Pty Ltd
RedemptionsMonthly (3 months’ notice) subject to initial one-year lockup
Performance Fee20% subject to high water mark
Management Fee1.0%

Key Features

Not ‘buy-and-hold’. Will recycle capital to best exploit the idiosyncratic nature of recapitalization opportunities.
Robust risk management framework to manage downside risk and hedging
Small fund size, allows for rapid execution to take advantage of dynamic deal flow

Portfolio Manager

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