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Our Approach

Tribeca’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is deeply-rooted within the firm’s investment process and organisational culture. Tribeca believes that the best investment outcomes are achieved by employing an investment process that incorporates both corporate governance and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations.

Corporate Governance

Using the Financial Services Council (FSC) Guidance Note No. 2 as a guide, Tribeca defines Corporate Governance as the framework of rules, relationships, systems and processes within and by which authority is exercised and controlled in corporations. Through its investment process, Tribeca actively engages with investee companies regarding issues such as director election and board composition, the financial affairs of the company including director’s remuneration and incentive plans, financial performance, strategy formulation and policymaking regarding environmental and social issues.

Social and Environmental Consideration

When assessing a company’s commitment to social and environmental factors, a hands-on approach is undertaken to determine if its commitment is proper and genuine rather than merely giving the appearance of compliance. This approach includes frequent on-site visits and engagement with the company in all relevant facets of the business.

Proxy Voting

The policy at Tribeca is to vote on all company resolutions where we have the authority to do so. This policy follows industry best practise and guidance provided by the Financial Services Council. Tribeca views voting rights as a privilege to act on behalf of, and in the best interests of clients and unit holders and reflect our views on the company’s policies and practices.

Corporate Activities

Tribeca and its staff are actively engaged in a variety of global concerns through which they seek to positively contribute to the countries and communities in which they operate.